Horse Of The Week – Princess Aurora.

Aurora 3Meet Princess Aurora, a seven-year-old Haflinger who is used for Endurance, Hunting, and local fun shows. Standing at 14hh, Aurora has been owned by Nicole for four and a half years.

Nicole explains: “We recently won at the Pony Club Championships winning the Senior Intermediate Endurance, where we got the best time achieving 22 miles in 2 hours, 16 minutes. We were also on the winning team for Inter-Regional Endurance Championships, the Eastern region won.”Aurora 4

“I bought Aurora as my first pony and broke her in myself. Due to some behavioural issues, people told me that she would never be rideable and that she was far too dangerous. Years on, I was riding her and jumping her, however I thought she would never compete. We then found Hunting and she took to this like a duck to water. She always kept up with the large hunt horses, and was very responsive always walking or galloping when asked. We then discovered Endurance, however Aurora unfortunately had a very, very slight lameness which was
Aurora 5recognised at the vetting of an endurance ride.”

“After that I decided to introduce Feedmark’s ActiVet to Aurora’s diet. Since being on ActiVet, she has always been given an A for movement at endurance rides. She looks fantastic now, and so does her coat, she looks the best she ever has! She feels so much freer when being ridden and she has much more energy, and this has all been since receiving ActiVet.”

“I cannot thank Feedmark enough, for the help you have given Princess Aurora with just this one supplement. I must recommend ActiVet to anyone who has a horse that is older or even slightly stiff! The fact that Aurora has won titles, after being on this supplement for only one month is amazing!”

A FREE tub of ActiVet is on its way to Princess Aurora for being our Horse Of The Week!

Aurora 2

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Horse Of The Week – Charlie.

5This is Charlie, who came to owner Verity Arbuthnot at four months old as a cruelty case. Verity explains: “Riddled with worms, he was wild as a hawk, with a huge gash from the corner of his mouth nearly to his eye. Charlie had lice, and his skin was very itchy. I started feeding Feedmark’s EquiDermis Plus when he was one-year-old, and have continued with it ever since.”4

“Charlie is now five-years-old, 15.1hh, and his coat looks amazing! Everyone always comments on his skin and coat. Along with the EquiDermis Plus, time and TLC has seen Charlie mature in to a fine fellow having shown successfully at county level and taking 3National Hack Champion title as a three-year-old. He was broken last year and has been slowly classically produced with the help of my trainer Nerys Leer. We have recently started competing in affiliated dressage at Novice Level. Our future plans are to continue with Charlie’s dressage training.”1

A FREE EquiDermis Plus is on its way to Charlie for being our Horse Of The Week!

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Horse Of The Week – Moth

Moth 2Our Horse Of The Week is now Moth, a 16.3hh, 12-year-old Irish Sports Horse owned by Suzanne Oliver. Moth has been owned by Suzanne for four years, and together they mostly do schooling and hacking currently. Suzanne told us: “our future plans are to hunt and school over the winter, ready for next season. I would like to do some local hunter trials and get ready for the showing season next year, where we will compete in some ridden, working, and in-hand hunter classes at county level. I may also compete in some Dressage classes.”

Suzanne explained “After losing my coloured mare and deciding to get another horse, I found Moth 3Moth and went to see her down in York. As soon as I saw her I knew that she would be coming home with me, before I had even sat on her! Moth had come from Ireland where she had only hunted. She was a little nervous, but I assumed this was only because it was all new to her. Moth took weeks to settle in, but she was still extremely nervous after this time. It got to the point where it was dangerous to lead her out to the field, she would barge through the gates, and even through the stable door. Moth was acting more like a stallion than a mare, her behaviour was awful. It took her months to trust anyone, so I decided to try the trusted Steady-Up Advance. This worked wonders almost overnight, she became a totally different horse! Before using Steady-Up Advance she wouldn’t even tolerate Moth 6being groomed and was a total nightmare. It would take me an hour to get on her, and then once I was on she would just spook at everything, this supplement has changed that! She was also terrible with the farrier, but as you can see by the photo she is no bother now.”

“Moth would get herself extremely wound up before, when under pressure. So much so, that you couldn’t get anywhere near her even in the field to put a head collar on and catch her. Since feeding Steady-Up Advance she is just like a dog and follows me around all over, wanting cuddles and of course carrots.”Moth 4

Suzanne told us “I first started using Steady-Up Advance over 20 years ago, on Chester my Chestnut Thoroughbred gelding who was a bit mad to say the least! Sadly I lost him last year, he was 28 years old. This supplement was a god send and made Chester so calm that I even rode him side saddle to my wedding, it made a massive difference to him. Being a rather large 18.3hh, I needed something to help calm Chester down! I am always Moth 1recommending Steady-Up Advance because of all of the amazing results I have had over the years.”

A FREE tub of Steady-Up Advance
is on its way to Moth for being our Horse Of The Week!

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Will’s Winning Ways!

W2Wow – what a fantastic season. Of course our highlight was winning both Individual and Team Gold at the FEI Young Rider Europeans in Strzegom, Poland. Having won Individual Bronze a couple of years ago on Pioneer Silvie my experience of a championships was very positive. Although Livingstone II was on flying form I was naturally a little apprehensive as it would be hard to better my result from 2013. But boy was I wrong! He’s a very special horse but never has everything ‘clicked’ so well. It was pretty close to being the perfect performance. After leading the dressage on 32.7 I knew that it was mine to lose! I took a couple of long routes on the cross country (one on team orders andW1 the other just to ensure a clear round to put the team in an almost unassailable position.) We still managed to come home with just a handful of time faults to remain in pole position. I had originally hoped to get to Bramham U25s earlier in the year but due to Livingstone having time off at the beginning of the season we had to hold back a little so it was really nice to see people that said he made the track look like ‘a stroll in the park.’ We managed to stay more than 4 penalties ahead of Sophie Beaty in second place so psychologically it was very nice to have a pole in hand. Fortunately enough we didn’t need it and
Livingstone was feeling fresh as a daisy and jumped amazingly. We had done it – won individual and team gold. Huge congratulations to all my Team GB team mates; all 6 of us occupied the top 15 with 3 of us in the top 4. It was a really professional performance by all and we were all very pleased to have done our country proud.


My 2 very promising 6 year olds Elstar and Esprit have progressed really well having both finished the season at novice level. They have both had some time off to rest, both physically and mentally, then the winter fitness work will commence. We said a sad goodbye to Funny Boy Fortuna to a lovely new home with Josh Moore. A very talented young rider with a good future ahead of him. We welcome Woodlands Be Dignified, a very smart 5yo gelding by Billy Be Cool owned by Lisa and Fred Ford. He’s still green at the moment but is a very fun horse to ride and will be exciting for next year. I had a great week away working at my trainer’s Chris Burton schooling his Le Lion horses whilst he was away in Boekelo – it was a fantastic experience going to someone of his calibre and I feel very privileged that he trusted me to ride them whilst he was away.W4

I’m delighted to have come 4th in the U21 Goldman Cup, improving on my 11th place from last year. Hopefully next year I can push on even more and try and challenge for the top couple of spots. For winning the Europeans and consequently being the best placed British rider I will receive the Sir John Burder trophy at the ERA awards. I have just come back from a fantastic evening at the Animal Health Trust UK Equestrian Awards 2015 where I won the new U25’s Star of the Future category. It was an honour just to be nominated from Eventing and to win against other incredibly talented nominees was very special. It’s nice to have a little bit of rest now theW3 season has finished but horses are starting to come back into walk work and others have been kept in light work so there’s still enough to keep me busy.

I’m incredible grateful to Feedmark for their continued support and I owe a huge part of my success to them as they have been one of my longest serving sponsors. By using the supplements I know that my horses are getting everything they need in their diets and can perform to the best of their ability. Let’s hope that 2016 can be just as successful!


Horse Of The Week – Bella.

Meet Bella, a 14hh Cob. For 22 out of her 29 years, she has been owned by Joanne Baldwin. Joanne explains: “I got Bella as a seven-year-old when I was 14. She was originally a Rag-and-Bone pony, and was tethered up. My parents were not convinced about buying a horse but my riding instructor said, if it did not work out then they would buy her from us for the riding school. I don’t think my parents ever thought that I would still have her after 22 years! Ironically Bella has ended up working in a riding school. For ten years I kept Bella on DIY livery, she then had to move to a working livery place at a riding school. I no longer ride her but she is ridden regularly by novice children, and is also used a lot for RDA. Moving to this yard was a good decision, as twelve years later she is still going strong and we love the yard.”Bella 1

“In her younger days we did a bit of everything, including driving. What we enjoyed the most though, were hunter trials and pleasure rides. I decided to breed from Bella a while back, and she has a ten-year-old son whom I still own.”

“Bella has pulled Santa Claus through a local village; done pony rides for charity; and has been rescued by the fire brigade when she had fallen into a drainage ditch after escaping from her field (not sure if that really counts as an achievement but it made the local paper!). She has taught countless children to ride, and is a firm favourite on the yard.”

“Bella was suffering from stiffness, and was on Bute for this. I had tried feeding her various different supplements to no avail, before finding ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips. I have been using this supplement for about three years since. She is now off of the Bute, and is never stiff even after being stabled overnight. She is worked very regularly, not bad for a horse that is almost 30! Bella is my horse of a lifetime, and always cheers me up! I plan to keep her happy and active for as long as possible with ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips.”

A FREE tub of ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips is on its way to Bella for being our Horse Of The Week!

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The importance of clean air

Winter is a time to keep a close watch on our horse’s respiratory health as changes to their management can cause problems.  Winter requires many horses and ponies to spend more time in the stable or field shelter however research has shown that this stable environment contains greater air contaminants than the external environment.  Bedding, forage, feed, dried mud, scurf, and hair and coat dust all generate particles that can enter the horse’s respiratory tract and cause irritation.

These particles are normally caught and removed from the respiratory tract by the tiny hair-like cilia and mucus lining.  The stable environment can overload the system and impair normal function, causing irritation and inflammation of the respiratory mucus membranes.

This irritation and inflammation leads to excessive production of mucus that restricts the airways and leads horses to develop a cough, laboured breathing or nasal discharge, problems that can reduce the horses capacity for exercise.

iStock_000009943540_MediumReducing this air contamination and respiratory irritation can be achieved by making adjustments to normal management practices.  Haylage and soaked hay produce fewer dust and mould particles and dried short chopped forage is an excellent dust free alternative to feeding long forage.  Whatever the forage choice feeding from the floor, a hay bar or a large rubber bucket reduces air contamination even further and aids natural clearing of the respiratory system.  Selecting dust free bedding and feeds that have been either steamed or micronized in their production, also reduces dust horses are exposed to during eating.  Grooming and changing rugs outside of the stable is also a simple change that can dramatically improve the stable environment.

Adding Clarity to your horses diet will aid soothing and help to expel dust, pollen and excess mucus from the airways.. Clarity contains

  • Coltsfoot leaves: to help with soothing the throat and expelling mucus and catarrh
  • Elder flowers: to help maintain a healthy internal defence system, thought to combat pollen and dust within the airways
  • Liquorice root: to help soothe membranes within the respiratory tract and loosen and help expel mucus
  • Garlic: to help optimise normal respiratory function; thought to cleanse the lungs and expel mucus
  • Lemon: rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, used to help ease mucosal build-ups
  • Oregano: highly aromatic, helps to expel mucus from upper respiratory tract
  • Sage: an aromatic. Helps maintain a healthy mouth and soothe the throat.

Q: My horse’s legs swell up when they are stabled, is there anything I can do to help?

filled leg 2Q:           My horse’s legs swell up when they are stabled, is there anything I can do to help?

A: Filled legs are a common problem when movement is restricted, such as when your horse is stabled for longer than normal periods of time. This ‘swelling’ is due to a collection of fluid, which would ordinarily be pumped around the horse’s body when the horse moves. When the horses movement is restricted such as when confined to their stable, this fluid can collect in the lower limbs causing the legs to fill.   If it is possible, walking the horse (in hand or using a walker) will help to disperse this fluid. However, this is often not an option when the weather is foul, so we would recommend feeding No Fill to your horse helps to support the lymphatic and circulatory systems, reducing fluid build-up in the legs, and keeping your horse more comfortable.

Olivia Colton MSc

For more information about No Fill please see our website or call 0800 585525 to speak to one of our nutritional advisers.

My horse is prone to colic, and often gets attacks over the winter- how can I help him if he has to be confined?

SONY DSCQ:           My horse is prone to colic, and often gets attacks over the winter- how can I help him if he has to be confined?

A:            Horses that are on box rest due to injury or weather are more prone to digestive issues, commonly impaction colic. To help to reduce the risk of this, increase your horses hydration by providing them with clean, fresh water at all times (warm water is shown to help increase drinking when the weather is cold!). Give your horse a rock salt lick in their stable, and add table salt or electrolytes to their feed to encourage drinking. Feeding soaked hay and soaked feeds will also help your horse to stay hydrated. As mentioned above, reduce hard feed and provide ad-lib hay or haylage to help keep the digestive tract moving. In addition to this, those with colic worries are wise to add BioPro to their horses feed during and after periods of confinement. This provides your horse with probiotics- the good bacteria needed by the hind gut to digest fibre, and maintain a healthy digestive system, and prebiotics, which are not used by the horse, but feed these good bacteria, helping to maintain the right balance of gut flora in your horse.

BioPro is a pre and probiotic containing high levels of both Yea-Sacc1026 and FOS, which support the beneficial micro-organisms within the horse’s gut.  See page

My horse goes mad if he has to be stabled for more than a day!

iStock_000009943540_MediumQ:           My horse goes mad if he has to be stabled for more than a day- he becomes very angry and difficult to handle, is there anything I can do to help him when the weather is so bad he has to stay in?

A:            While some horses are happy living in, for other horses it can be very hard to adjust to 24hr stabling. If your horse is stressed by being confined, they often react by being difficult, angry or bargy. To help to reduce your horse’s stress levels, make sure they always have hay or haylage available, as this keeps them satisfied, and eating gives them something to do! If they are a very good doer, double net small holed haynets to reduce intake! Reduce hard feed, if your horses are fed a chaff, keep feeding this it helps with gut fill and take your horse much longer to eat, and consider using a horse ball and a few nuts to keep your horse occupied. It can help some horses if they can see a friend nearby, and stable mirrors may also help. Try to avoid high sugar licks and treats while your horse is cooped up, and concentrate on slow release energy sources.  If your horse is of a nervy disposition, we recommend that you feed our fantastic calmative Steady-Up Advance to your horse while they are stabled, and when first turned out to reduce stress.

Steady-Up Advance is a unique feed supplement that helps to maintain calmness in horses and ponies without reducing performance.

Horse Of The Week – Jaffa.

This 26-year-old Thoroughbred, stands at 16.1hh and is called Jaffa. Jaffa 2She is owned by Alison Richardson and has been since she was 4-years-old. Alison purchased Jaffa at Ascot Sales as an unbroken, rejected racehorse.

Jaffa 7PAlison explains “I used to show jump with Jaffa, but she was such a live-wire in the collecting ring. We then moved on to novice one day eventing, cross country and pleasure rides. Nowadays though, we just hack around the village twice a week and occasionally I take her up to the forest for a spin around the leafy lanes. Jaffa has an inquisitive nature and really enjoys getting out for a ride. She grabs the bit from my hand whenJaffa 8P I tack her up, and is still able to throw in the odd buck for a bit of fun! Let’s just say she has mellowed with age!”

“Jaffa has not always had life so easy. She had a serious accident when I first bought her, where she put her leg through a sheet of asbestos and damaged her fetlock joint. Then at the age of 13, she was diagnosed with arthritis in her sacroiliac joints and in her spine. At this point it looked as if this would be the end for Jaffa, but Feedmark’s Zerobute and sheer determination on her part has kept her going.”

Jaffa 9P“I plan to keep riding Jaffa as much as we possibly can. This is a horse for whom retirement is not an option. She just loves being handled, and is well known for tearing down the field whinnying and whickering when she sees my car.”

“With the onset of Cushing’s, Jaffa’s coat was becoming very thick which lead to her frequently overheating. She seemed Jaffa 6Pdepressed and lost the spark of life, it was almost as if it was all too much trouble. I had a chat with the Feedmark nutritionist, who suggested the supplement C-Plus which was new at the time. After only a few weeks on C-Plus, Jaffa was back to her bright, cheery self! Her coat eventually seemed to right itself and she was back to chasing around the field with her 6 year old boyfriend, Dylan. Once she was on the C-Plus, Jaffa also managed to maintain her weight.”

Jaffa 4A FREE 3kg tub of C-Plus is on its way to Jaffa for being our Horse Of The Week!

Each week, the Feedmark team select a horse of the week from reviews, letters and emails sent to them. If you would like your horse to feature, then please send your horse’s details in to or go online and write a review.